[Important] Need help to making Super Monkey Ball alternative

Hello, i working on a Super Monkey Ball alternative:

A stage from Super Monkey Ball:

Here is a description of the Gameplay:
As opposed to normal games where the player takes control of the character itself, Super Monkey Ball has the player move their character around by tilting the world itself.
By tilting the board at various angles, players can control the speed and turning of the character. The goal of each level is to reach the goal gate.
If the monkey falls off the field or if the timer reaches zero, the number of monkeys decreases. Bonus points and extra lives can be increased by collecting bananas on the stage.
The gameplay is similar to Marble Madness.

Gameplay picture:

I need help for making the stage rotate correctly around the Ball (Player pawn).

I already used the Rotating Movement Component to do this, but the rotation cant be set to an angle.

So, i got an idea, by getting the Ball World Location, store the vector in a Variable, then get the variable from the Stage Blueprint.
In the stage blueprint, i get the Ball location Variable, and set the stage world location at the Variable value (for making the stage origin at the ball location), and set the stage local location to:
Ball location Variable X -1, for inverting the Vector value.

Here is a picture:

All may work correctly, but 7 times on 10, the ball get catapulted by rotating the Stage.

Its because the values stored in the Ball world location variable are not actualised in real time, when the ball doesnt move, the Stage origin is correctly placed at the center of the ball:

But, when the ball is moving, the origin is no longer placed at the center of the ball, and more faster the ball moving, more far the origin will gone from center of the ball:

If there is any way to bypass this problem, or any other way to rotate the game level (stage) around my Ball player pawn, please help me.

Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand my problem, have a nice day.

I’ve looked into this.

The secret here is that you don’t actually move the level.

Can you give more explaination pls?
I inspected super monkey ball for long time, and im sure that the Stage rotate around the ball center, by taking the ball radius as offset for make it roll.


I am of the belief you can get the same effect by rotating the camera not the level. That is why it looks like the level is moving around the ball in the game, well it might not be but that is my take on it :slight_smile: Hope this helps