Important Android features still / desperately missing from 4.3

Hi Epic,

Correct me if I’m wrong but are the following features still missing from 4.3? (in order of priority)

  1. Back Button! : Every Android app allows users to minimize/go back with the back button. Without this the game feels broken / in dev beta mode …
  2. No loading screen. As per: Google Ads - Get More Customers With Easy Online Advertising

We really need to display the user something while the game is loading. As soon as the game starts to get over 20meg we get a long period of black screen that is even longer on lower end devices. By allowing us to insert a loading screen graphic instead of just a black screen (like you have with the windows packaging) would be hugely appreciated! edit: just noticed the iOS packaging contains loading screens - why not for android as well??

  1. External Hyperlink Blueprint node: Ability to show users links leading outside of the app: eg: “like us on facebook” Facebook page, “invite a friend” link to contact email with prefilled subject & content, “support” link to webpage, etc.
  2. Menu Button: For bringing up ingame menu, settings, etc.

These are all important when it comes to distribution and in many ways blockers for any successful android project :frowning:

Looking forward to your feedback with hopefully something like "oh that can be done already by … " or “will be in the final 4.3 version”! :smiley:

Fully agree on the back button. Every app I use has a back button to quit feature.

Yes , Hyperlink Blueprint

External Hyperlink Blueprint node: Yes, I need it!!!

Ah thanks for reminding me about this old thread of mine :slight_smile:

There is actually a hyperlink blueprint node that works on all platforms I found out! It’s simply called Launch URL! (found it in the TappyChicken blueprints).

Back button quit has been implemented but currently not in a released build (hoping it makes the final 4.4.0 build??) and the menu button could be linked to Controller Left (I think - not tried but think it would work)

So the only thing left missing from my Android feature wish list is the loading screen which iOS has already - on any slower device loading a apk 50meg or larger the waiting time on a black screen is unbearable :frowning:

Current status as of 4.4:

  1. Back is supported since 4.2 as EControllerButtons::SpecialLeft, and in 4.4 will be mirrored as EControllerButtons::AndroidBack as well. We’ve also updated Tappy Chicken in 4.4 to demonstrate how you might want to respond to the Back button, but it’s entirely game-dependent since you’ll probably want to exit out of menus instead of suspending or quitting the app, depending on your game state.
  2. This isn’t Android specific, but is a known piece of work for both platforms. The loading screen you see on iOS is part of the iOS system, and only covers until the executable is loaded, not the rest of loading. You can do loading screens right now in UE4 when doing a code project, but the loading screen system isn’t exposed to BP only games.
  3. Supported since 4.0 as LaunchURL.
  4. The menu button is supported since 4.2 as EControllerButtons::SpecialRight, any handling of it is entirely game-dependent but you could certainly hook it up to a pause menu, etc…

Michael Noland