Import ZBrush Sculpt

Anyone try to import a “cinematic quality” sculpt into UE5 yet?

Obviously, cannot import ztl file. Trying to import a massively subdivided FBX and UE5 is hanging at 5%. I don’t want to call bs on Epic’s marketing just yet, so if anyone can advise best pipleline to test this, I’m all ears.

PS, Ctrl-space for content drawer is a game changer alone.


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I sculpted a high poly mesh in Mudbox, sent that to 3ds Max and I unwrapped the UVs (just automatically did it using the “By polygon angle” setting).

I decided to also use Turbosmooth at this point. The mess was originally around 2 million polys, and I upped the iterations until it got to 9 million.

After exporting it as a FBX, I imported it to UE5, and within less than a minute it was in. Dragged it into the scene, duplicated it multiple times, and there was no problems.

How many polys was the model you were using?

Also, when you imported it did you look under the “Mesh” tab and ensure that you clicked Build Nanite?

This is great for getting started with Nanite.


@dnwalkup Yeah, I did some testing on this yesterday with good results. It’s not quite “drop-in” but I got good results on a pbr painted test sculpt without too much extra work. Thread here: UVs and Nanite

One thing is to make sure of is that you check the checkbox for Nanite when you import the mesh, since otherwise it’ll just be treated like a standard pipeline mesh, which makes UE5 very unhappy if it has millions of tris.


@ @SeveralBees I may be having a problem with my FBX then. Sounds like it’s a fairly easy process for you guys. Will start my troubleshooting there. Appreciate the feedback and good to hear it works as Epic says it does!


@dnwalkup Just following up. Were you able to figure out what was wrong or are you still having problems?

@ still having issues with that particular FBX. In fact, I download the Zbrush trial and opened the ZTL – I cannot export it at it’s highest subdivision (subd 7) no matter what method I use. Tried OBJ and FBX directly out of Zbrush. OBJ seemed to work, but the file is too massive for anything to read it. FBX fails. Can’t get GoZ to blender to try exporting there.

I think this model just pushes the limits of the hardware and software…