Import unreal Map in a web app

Hi Folks!

I’m an expert 3D modeler but i just start exploring UE.

The possibilities are endless but i have a question.

Is possible , after created a 3D enviroment (a simple one) , esport a project for a visualization on a Browser??

If yes someone can give me just some start hint in order to study the possibility.

Thank you.

I’v been looking for answers on this one as well. Seems not many people either know or are willing to share information about the process. I work for an automotive company and we are trying to port our visualizations to the web so people within departments can view them. So far I’m hitting a huge concrete wall on how to view Unreal Engine content in a browser.

Yes you can! I don’t know if it would work on mobile but you can easily make an easy “game” that would only implement controls to hover around your model and then package your project as a web project, then embed it into a web page

Check this link out for more info

Hola! Como están? Yo estoy intentando averiguar sobre lo mismo! Si se puede ejecutar en un navegador pero de forma local (es decir usarlo desde la misma pc), creo que lo que necesitamos es ejecutarlo en la web, para que cualquiera pueda usarlo. Alguno sabe como se hace? O si es posible? Gracias!

The easiest way is using ue4.23. You can package to html5 there. Is the last version that natively support web.