Import Unity asset into UE4

I want to import Unity assets into UE 4.7.2, but it does not import correctly for some reason. The material and/or texture doesnt get imported correctly its just white (look pics) and sometimes it gives me warning about the size.

The fbx imports looks like this:

My fbx import settings:


I am new to UE4 please help.

It looks like the texture path either wasn’t assigned correctly or the textures have moved.

You should be able to just drag and drop your textures into the content browser and create materials, then apply those to your mesh.

For the size -> make sure that it has a power of two e.g 128x128, 256x256,… :slight_smile: Otherwise the mip maps will be messed up

Creating missing material

Double click on the white material items, i.e. Bush1, then right click into the viewport -> type SampleTexture, now go to the detail panel of this texture and apply the texture, i.e. click the texture sub panel and pick the correct texture - (you find the texture name when you look into the source asset folder), then depending on the texture connect the SampleTexture with the main panel.

Notice, i’m new too, so this might be not the best way. Also notice that the textures/materials, might be imported into the project already, but they are in a different folder - (if you can not find them in the project , i.e. by typing into the “subpanel” search the correct name - you can manually drag & drop them into the desired folder).