Import Unity 5 assets in UE4


I’ve bought myself some packs in the Unity asset store a year ago, but since I’m using the Unreal Engine I can’t use them anymore.
The packs are from MMEU (He creates those horror packs like: Abandoned Manor, Abandoned Garden and more).
You can find some of those packs in the Unreal Store too, but not all. Here is a link to the UE4 packs: Content by MMEU - UE Marketplace
As I can’t get and answer from him I would like to ask some experienced people here.
Does anyone know how I am getting those packs into the Unreal Engine properly?


There are some utils able to extract assets from unity packages however what you buy on the official Unity assets store probably is not allowed to be exported to other engines license wise. You should contact the developer of the assets and ask them. There are Unity assets packages being sold on other sites like cgtrader and turbosquid that give you no restrictions on which engines you use the assets with when the license is royalty free.

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Fortunately I’ve got the permissions from the author. I just need instructions to import them into UE4.


Browse to the Asset folder of your Unity project, into which you installed (imported) your Unity package. Then manually drop the FBX or static meshes into Unreal, same for textures. You have to setup materials, and sometimes manually have to assign animation frame ranges (older assets).

To convert TIF format images i recommend to use ShaderMap.

No, that is not correct.



Here is a free Unity market model which also works with Mixamo animations
Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making (Use export original fbx, and transform angles as required on import).

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve imported the meshes and the textures already. How do I setup a material with a normal map AO and the texture? Is there a “prefab” option to use for later work with those assets?

If you have Ambient Occlusion enabled in Unreal settings, you won’t necessarily need AO textures (instead i prefer to plug the AO material channel into the DIF alpha channel), because to reduce project file size, otherwise you can import the DIF TIF or TGA into Shadermap and generate missing textures. But this only works if the DIF has an alpha channel. That is my personal solution to this, which i rarely use, and there may be more sophisticated material alternatives.

There are some tools to export/import prefabs, but i am not sure about the current state of those, and never used them.

You also want to install the image resizer plugin from the market place (free), to resize image sizes (If you want to offer a high quality texture version for later time, i suggest to do this after release). MOST assets use higher default resolutions and can be resized down without issue of loosing too much quality. Weapon textures usually require just 512 res, character meshes are just fine with 1024, same for most other assets, unless it is a terrain texture, which should be at least 2048. Walls should be often 2048 res too. If you use resizer, you have to manually set normal maps to normal group, after resize operation.

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