import unit to my unreal project

Hello all.
I’m new to this forum so I hope that’s the correct category for my question.
I hope you guys would help me out.
So I created a project using unreal engine 4. I have my interface ready. However I’m stuck in the implementation of the import unit.
So basically I need my program to have an import ( or browse ) button where the user would then choose a file with an “obj” or “fbx” extension.
I had a few ideas but I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on them.

First, to write a C++ code that links my browse button to the browse button in unreal engine 4. Would that be possible?

The other way was to write a C++ code that would search a certain folder in the computer ( this would result in having a constraint that the file should be in a specific folder but that’s ok) and then the program would check if there exist a file in that folder with the desired extensions and automatically opens it. Again my question here is do you think that would be possible? And do you have any other suggestions?

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

I’m waiting as well for an answer