Import Uniform Scale - Broken?

I’m trying to adjust the Uniform Scale for an imported mesh, and it doesn’t appear to do anything. I remember this being busted in some earlier version - is that currently broken in UE4.15?

Seems to literally do nothing.

Same exact thing happening to me. Its very annoying. Is there a fix for this? I would rather not manually scale every single object by 40x…

Change your unit setup, object scale or output settings in your 3d package then. It takes a whopping 2 seconds to scale it up in 3dsmax, Maya or Blender.

Yes, it’s true that there are work-arounds. However I’d avoid suggesting the change in 3ds Max - particularly because of the impact on larger and more complex scenes, including those that have animation, or container sharing in 3ds Max (and also the way that scaling carries over to Unreal Engine from there without reset Xform or whatever)

Short story - it seems the function was broken - I think it’s been broken again more recently. For some reason this particular feature keeps getting bugged.

If using 3ds Max the scale tool does not set the local scale to the same as the relative scale. If you use the scale tool then you should notice that the scale value changes as to it’s relative scale of the object up or down as a percentage and when imported into UE4 the local value is used to determine the true local scale which is what UE4 uses. So if you see that the relative scale is greater or less than 100% you will either have to add a xform modifier to the stack before scaling or reset the Xform using the “reset xform” utility from the utility tab. Once preformed your scale value should read 100%.

It’s not a bug but just the way that 3ds Max preforms scaling changes.

Its the Import Uniform scale, it still works, you just have to either reimport or click the little ‘Apply’ button about 4 places lower down (you might have to expand the tab)