import udk packages to UE4 !

Hello .

  1. it will be nice and very handy for us, if we can import packages or even map from UnrealEngine3(UDK) to UnrealEngine4 .

2.Why we can’t import Waveform(.obj) file to UE4 . Please add this option ( like udk ).


  1. Most asset types have changed significantly since UE3 and are not backwards compatible so unfortunately we don’t have a generic upgrade path to UE4. If you have the source data for your packages in UDK it is best to import those directly into UE4. Otherwise you can export some asset formats like textures, meshes, and animations out of the UDK into an intermediate format such as FBX and then into UE4.

  2. I would suggest using a converter to convert obj to FBX format. You can find one here

got it, thanks :slight_smile:

So I can’t take a map made in the UT3 editor and port it to UE4, doesn’t even sound like I can get close. But, if I take a package in UT3 editor, import it into UDK, I can export it into a format UE4 can read? It’s not a full map copy but it’s the next best thing I suppose.

Yes, you can do that -> just export the meshes as a .fxb file and the textures as png

That’s from UDK, right?

Are there any problems converting from UT3e to UDK? I seem to recall something went weird, but I haven’t done it in quite some time.