Import UDK assets

Hi guys

Is there a way how I can get my old UDK assets (.upk) into the rocket? It would be nice if thats possible somehow.

By the way, the design is very nice. I immediately found everything.

Thank you for your answers

Unfortunately no, .upk’s cannot be directly imported into Rocket. This is because UE4/Rocket handles assets differently than UE3 does. The files which the editor uses are not packages which contain multiple assets. Instead, each asset is imported separately and made into it’s own .uasset file.

Ok, thank your for your answer

I always stuck with transfering materials from one engine version to another. from Gears for example.

for some experiments, you can unpack textures, meshes or animations with umodel.
but you never can get materials.

and you always need to open 2 editors, open materials in each, and recreate it node by node.
you can’t just simply copy/paste it!.. :
it’s very frustrating.

for now, I have few packs (many packs!) with special materials setup, for different reasons - sss, fake lit, custom lit, reflections, various world position offset examples, and I always need it for work…

I collected it for few years, and now it’s just a many megabytes of waste disk space.

sorry for emotions…