Import SVG assets into a Paper2d project

Is there planned support for this?
I have been following along the creating a 2d sidescroller with Alan Noon, only my project is a bit different. After not being satisfied with non-scalable art, I have spent many months creating high quality assets in an art style very reminiscent of Guacamelee!
Are my assets going to be able to be imported to my paper2d project? Or is it a waste of time/should go with another engine?
Thanks for the feedback.
(sorry if this was posted in the wrong place)

AFAIK there is no gpu support for rendering vector data, so it will have to be translated in to a texture at some point. A compromise could be to utilize distance field rendering based on the original vector data. You would have to adapt your art style to the inherent limitations of DFs, eg no hard edges with a single texture look-up, nor multiple colors per look-up.

There are a couple of implementations of SVG to Geometry for Unity and I believe someone was looking at doing it for UE4 too but it does end up being reasonably expensive. Also, Paper2D is not designed to use geometry so you would have to treat you game more like a 3D game.

Thanks for that. I know moving away from Unreal engine is not the answer people may want to give in this forum, but I appreciate it. Thank you for your time.