Import Substance material into Unreal

I work in Maya and I’ve recently started shading my models with substance textures (sbsar)

I’m trying to import models shadered with substance textures into unreal engine but it does not import the shader properly.

You can see in the attached screenshot from Maya, it’s a simple PBS shader with basecolor, roughness, metallic and normal maps connected. Maya uses the Stingray PBS shader for substances.

When I import this into unreal, it doesn’t bring in the connected texture maps, so I end up manually importing the basecolor, roughness, metallic and normal maps and connecting them to the material in unreal, which is fine but when you have an entire scene with substance materials it will take a lot of time to import and reconnect everything.

So what is the correct method of doing this or is there a plug-in that’s needed?

I exported from maya as an fbx with embed media ticked and used the import into level option in unreal.