Import settings SourceFile path

Hi dear UE community,

I am planning to put environment assets to the unreal marketplace for the first time and i was wondering about the source file path for the fbx meshes and tga textures.
Is it consider as an “unsued folder” as mentioned in the guidelines 2.7.2 ?
Are they have to be in the SourceFiles folder next to the Content folder and send in the zip file with the project ? As far as i understood it seems not but i am not sure.
The path will be like that in the import settings : …/…/…/SourceFiles/Meshes/Meshe.fbx

Is it a problem, or is it better, if the Source File path in the import settings is blank ?

When i looked some contents of the marketplace, some assets have their import setting source file path directly pointing from the publisher’s PC and others have just the name of the asset instead of a path. The last case seems more clean and professional, how can i achieve that ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.