Import scale problem?

Hi. I built my rig in the wrong scale so a human character is 20 cm in height. The rig is really dirty so it’s hard to scale up in maya and not causing the problem on fbx export. The question is, Is there a problem if I scale it up in UE instead of maya? My common sense tell me it should not be a problem but anything can happens in 3d so I have to ask before I reuse the rig for others character. Thanks you.

Scaling in Unreal seems to work pretty good, but I have not used *** for anything really complicated.

Ok … after 2 days of frustration with scaling problem and a lot of experiment. This is what I found.

1.scaling too much in the engine will cause shadow to goes black for unknown reason.

Here is a solution in maya if scaling a rig is not possible ( It’s best to rig in the right scale from the start!)

the bad solution:
1.Changing scale from fbx exporter >> it seems fine at first untill you got some complex constraints or you use many voodoo magic on your rig and the joint rotation will break in UE

the good solution : my case the rig is expected to be 200 unit but i make it 20 unit in centimeter so I just change unit in preference to millimeter so the 20 unit becomes 200 unit. UE4 don’t care if it’s milli centi or kilo or whatever. It will import as 200 unreal unit which is 200 cm.