import ressource at runtime


There is there a legal solution to load a complete model (Mesh + meterials + skeletal + animation), during the execution of the software? (User Action to load the file of your choice).

Is the format “.uasset” would do this?

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I’d like to know this too!

How about mesh files that are not assets? Say I wanted to load a mesh file on an end-user’s running game, and that mesh file has not been placed in the editor.

It depends on what do you want to import.

Textures for example:

FString Path = GameDir() + "Content/MyAsset.png";
UTexture2D *MyTexture = Cast<UTexture2D>(StaticLoadObject(UTexture2D::StaticClass(), NULL, *Path))

For more info about it:

It should work with any supported asset type.
If you want to import different model formats you have to implement them yourself as far as i know.

I updated my answer. It should work with Static Meshes too. I had to load models that were not supported by the engine. I used assimp to import them at runtime. I hope it helps.

I also need to upload models runtime.

How to import assimp during runtime?