Import Problem with Perforce Source Control

When I imported files from local Space and save this, the files are not matched with the “Perforce Server”. So, they are not uploading and have no question mark and i can’t “Mark Add”. When I create a new blueprint and save this, then it gets a question mark and I can click “Mark Add”. Everything I import does not work. If I delete the the importing file and UE4 reboot, then the imported files appear repeatedly. The files are not on the Depot.
I am the only user and have permission Super.

after reboot, If i open the imported file and klick save again → Error Massage:
Warning Error saving ‘B:/UE4 Projekt/FantasyHuntingProjekt/Content/Tiere/LilaFuchs/KörperLilaM_Base_Color.uasset’

Nooooo, Perforce isnt a Software for German Users xD
If the name of the file contains äöü, then it does not work.