Import Premiere XML/EDL/AAF timeline into Sequencer?

I am using sequencer for a long cinematic. I have created the sound effects and timed them out in Premiere, and would like to send my Premiere timeline into sequencer, so I do not have to re-arrange the sounds on a sequencer timeline. I found some documentation regarding importing EDL for shot tracks, but nothing for audio tracks.

Unfortunately there’s nothing at the moment but we have plans on our roadmap to add support for other edl formats, like AAF. We also plan on adding support to include audio clips in the edl information. Ultimately, you should be able to export out of Sequencer, make edits to your cinematic in an external editor, and reimport into Sequencer to conform to the edits you made externally.

Are there any updates on the roadmap for AAF support? We are building a plugin to assemble a new master sequence from scratch in Unreal from a Premiere timeline, but EDL/XML do not carry over as much data as AAF…

What type of information are you looking for? We added the ability to impot/export with FCP XML a while back. That wasn’t initially available in 4.25 when we rolled out the new movie renderer, but it will be coming in 4.26.…ort/index.html

I have never been able to get any FCP XML out of UE… It just doesn’t get created. 4.26.1 on Mac. Also, ProRes is not available as an Image Output Format, even when the plugin is enabled.