Import ONLY face expression from Character Creator 3?


I’m looking to add some rudimentary face animation to my character’s sequencer animation. I’ve finally figured out how to add/edit animation curves for the facial morphs, but what I would like to do (because I don’t want to spend 1,000 years on this) is use some of the expressions I’m able to quickly generate in Character Creator.

I can import those exported .fbxs fine and the expressions carry over, but the body’s default A-pose still overrides the other sequencer animation, even if I disable “import bone tracks” upon import. Is there a way to only import the morphs/mesh displacement, so I can use that as an additive layer on top of the body animation and just crossfade between different expressions? Or, better yet, just strip out all the bone animation from a clip so only the morphs remain? I know that this will cost me any jaw movement, but that seems like a price I just have to pay.