Import Normals/Blender/Unreal

Hello everyone !!

first of all, sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

the export of “blender” to “unreal” whether you use the option to “Import Normals” or “normals calculated” the model looks like the left, there is a way to improve quality to make it look like the right? without using 3ds max


You can also change the normals in blender: :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
pd: do not know how to use it well. but now I’m definitely on track

I found how to do !! :slight_smile:


  1. UE4
  2. Blender with default shading (smooth)
  3. 3ds Max
  4. Blender + addon Blend4Web


  1. Blender + addon Blend4Web
  2. Blender with default shading (smooth)