Import (non-character) fbx animations

Hi, If I download an fbx animation from turbosquid etc how to I get it to play in unreal? I have an fbx animation with quite a few separate elements that move. I’ve imported it into unreal with ‘import into level’, which brings in all the separate parts in one blueprint. If I open the blueprint editor I can see it all fits together fine but all the animation is not playing. Ideally I’d like to render out some cinematics with this animation (it plays fine in maya etc). Am I missing something?

You’ll need to import the skeletal definition so that it can serves as the skeleton for the animation.
This is an import setting. You can add/import asset, choose the animation fbx, this will open up the import dialogue prompt window, and you’ll want to specific it as a skeletal mesh with no skeleton so it makes it’s own. After that is created, import the animation fbx and in the import dialogue, specify the skeleton for it. Animations do not typically import mesh information (although its an option), just the bone info and its keyframes. This is why the skeleton asset is needed. You would then bring that animation into the level.

Thanks so much I will try this…

For the last few months I have been trying to figure out a workflow for getting basic animations from Maya into Unreal. It would be fine if the animated sequences just worked, but sadly there is usually some frustrating issue relating to pivot points, Rotation axes or import errors. I love unreal but it’s bizarre that it is so difficult to get a few rotating spheres or cubes from Maya into Unreal. This area is by far what I spend the largest amount of time hitting my head against the wall with. Everything else is a breeze but importing animations is a nightmare!

Most of the time I just use alembics, but often they don’t work, often when they contain parented or grouped objects. It’s not always possible to bake all the seperate objects in a pain free way.

I’d love to just animate the objects in Unreal, but the lack of a robust ‘centre pivot’ option makes this almost impossible… or unfeasably slow.

I’d really like to try and understand how Unreal imports animation, I guess I will have to go down the skeletal mesh rabbit hole to figureout a workflow that is watertight.

I wonder if anyone has worked out a failsafe way to import (non-character) FBX animations ? Or can point me to a good tutorial on this subject?