Import (non-character) fbx animations

Hi, If I download an fbx animation from turbosquid etc how to I get it to play in unreal? I have an fbx animation with quite a few separate elements that move. I’ve imported it into unreal with ‘import into level’, which brings in all the separate parts in one blueprint. If I open the blueprint editor I can see it all fits together fine but all the animation is not playing. Ideally I’d like to render out some cinematics with this animation (it plays fine in maya etc). Am I missing something?

You’ll need to import the skeletal definition so that it can serves as the skeleton for the animation.
This is an import setting. You can add/import asset, choose the animation fbx, this will open up the import dialogue prompt window, and you’ll want to specific it as a skeletal mesh with no skeleton so it makes it’s own. After that is created, import the animation fbx and in the import dialogue, specify the skeleton for it. Animations do not typically import mesh information (although its an option), just the bone info and its keyframes. This is why the skeleton asset is needed. You would then bring that animation into the level.

Thanks so much I will try this…

Hi Sorry really struggling with this.

If I create a cube in sequencer, and rotate it 360 for one second so it’s constantly spinning, then export this as an fbx, and re-import it, it only plays when i click the animation in the blueprint window. It plays fine. When i drag the animation into the scene it is not spinning, it is static. When i drag the object into the scene and set it’s animation mode to ‘use animation asset’ it is still static. Looping and Playing are ticked. Should the animation not be looping at all times?

I realise now i need the animation channel in sequencer to get things moving for a cinematic. But I still can’t believe how complicated it is just to animate a cube or a group of cubes in sequencer, export, and import them back in as a single asset. So many checkboxes to tick and potentially fail. I was hoping not to have to use alembics as they take so long to import but maybe this is the least time consuming way…?