Import new geo and UVset

Hey guys,


is it possible to export a book. remesh it and change the UV in MAYA

so I can reproject the details and teh textures in RC ??

I dont find a tutorial for it



Hi Scote80,

by book do you mean a model /mesh of a book? Yes, it is possible to export model, correct it in Maya and bring back into RealityCapture. This could be helpfull for you:

And also:

My mesh is a Book indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links. Yes I try all those tips before my post

I export it using the Maya-Arnold template
I import it in Maya, did a retopo and redo the UVs.

I rename my exported retopo mesh as an FBX as the same name as the .rcInfo (same as the RC export)

book.fbx with the book.fbx.rcinfo next to it

But when I import the mesh in RC it pop that error and I dont know how to fix it:

Nobody as a solution for my issue?

Do I need to rebuild the vextex color in MAYA?

I think problem here could be the retopo and new UVs created in Maya. 

Can you try do this on a model without textures and import it back to RealityCapture?

Look like there is an issue with FBX. So I try OBJ import and it work.

Thank you for informing us regarding this. We need to look at this issue.