Import new Certificate after Expired

Hi, my Certificate expired. Created a new one, valid for the next 1 year, but when try to import my project, not show up. The new provision file neither too.
How can I remove the old provisions and certificates from the project?
UE 4.24.1
Latest OSX


I have the same issue. I hope there is a fix. On my PC, I can force import by importing and then editing the config files, but that won’t do it on Mac.

I had a similar issue earlier today.

Newly created certificates would not import into UE 4.23.1 on Mac or PC. The old cert would reappear every time.

I managed to fix this by creating a certificate on the Apple Developer Portal for “iOS Development”. The ones I had created previously that were failing were for “Development” (even though it says valid for all platforms there must be some subtle difference).

Im deleted all certificate (The valid too) and provision profiles from keychain and developer site, created new ones, now works fine.