Import multiple array in Data Table


I have a lot of data in datatable and I have the same materials for all.

How can I import multiple data table in array?

Is this possible?

Hi @progy85

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish from the description above, but, It is possible if the DataTables use the same DataStructure. Otherwise you may have to export in CSV/JSON to format and combine them into single CSV/JSON manually with ASCII Text Editor, Then import into DataTable.

thanks i will do.

i have checked but is bug here because I have row name and name and both has export.

Also in json and cvs I got two the same values.

Is this possible resolved?

Hi @progy85,

There’s no problem. You can manually change those values. I treat a DataTable like a Database Table. I typically use RowName to hold the Record Number (aka Unique Primary Key) or Unique Name.

But I have column Name and import New_row … instead of my data. My data not exists in json I have checked.

This is a bug from UE

I have changed column from Name to Namte and now I have NewRow + my Data.
If I have only Name no add another New Row. Now I need to change to another Name but I have a lot of values with Name.