Import Mixamo/Fuse Character problems

Hi, sorry, bit of a noob when it comes to this. Have followed numerous tutorials but failed each time. When importing a character from Mixamo, I am asked to choose a skeleton for rigging, with all the tutorials they are using HeroTTP_Skeleton which was in the animation pack, seems to have disappeared, when choosing others available the animations do not work correctly, lots of errors. Tried with using a Mixamo skeleton from their pack but character was squat and fat, although animations work.

Where has HeroTTP_Skeleton gone?
Can I use standard animation skeleton, if so any ideas how to use?
Can I adjust rigging in Mixamo to compensate?

Thanks in advanced

Just use the standard skeleton :slight_smile:


Tried the standard skeleton and got some really weird results, animations all over the place - reminded me of the Battlefield 3 beta with the failed animations

Hey Rob you till looking for help with this issue?

If you wish to use the standard skeleton with Mixamo models/animations, you’ll need to setup animation retargeting for those skeletons, as they have different bone heirarchys.

I think it’d be easier to simply import the Mixamo FBX using a blank (set to none) skeleton, and allow UE4 to import the skeleton from the FBX file (it will auto-create a new skeleton in the Content Browser). That new skeleton should match what came out of Mixamo, and any subsequent mixamo animations you import can be directed to use this skeleton.

I think it#d be better to select “none”, so the Engine makes use of the Rig that ships with your Character. You could retarget the Animations, but Mixamo offers a huge variety of custom Animations you can use, I think you should go with them.