Import Mesh Error: Bi Normals Are Nearly Zero, Tolerance of 1E-4

Hi everyone, I met some problem when I import my mesh from Maya to UE4, it shows the error: nearly zero bi-normals which can create some issues when I import FBX file. Then I clean up my object in Maya, combine all vertex, and clear history, and export again, but this time, instead of checking smoothing groups and smooth mesh when export in maya, I also check the tangents and binormals, and select the import normals and tangents in FBX import editor in UE4. BUT this time, two errors bump up: nearly zero bi-normal and nearly zero tangents. I’m totally confused now, does anyone know what causes these error and how can I fix it?? thanks in advance.

Can anyone help here? I am having a similar issue.

This happens if you literally import a cube.fbx from blender. Seems to be a very common problem with no answers anywhere.

I was getting the bi-normals are zero message & when importing an obj file created from Maya, zbrush or Blender my meshes were coming in shredded & riddled with holes. When I unchecked the “remove degenerates” box in the import menu that comes up the meshes came in normally