Import .mdls and .mdlx files to UE4

Hi everyone.

I am new to this, so I would appreciate, if anyone could tell me, how I can import .mdls and .mdlx files, from other games?

I am trying to recreate the Kingdom Hearts games, on Unreal Engine 4, as a fun project, but I cant figure out, how to import the .mdls and .mdlx files

Unreal Engine 4 supports the .fbx format.

To be able to import a model or animations, it must be in this format.

That said, using models and animations ripped from another game in a project you intend to release to the public, free or otherwise, is not going to go down well with the creators of said content.

i.e. Illegal / don’t do it.

don’t forget .obj:).

I am not planning to release, my project, for the public, as a game to play, but make a video for others to see how the game will look in UE4.

That being said, what kind of program can I use to change the format?

Even without a release, you’re still talking about something that is technically still illegal. People commonly assume that as long as it is for personal use, that it’s fine to port this kind of content, but it would still violate the EULA and the more accurate way of looking at it is that it’s still illegal, but if you didn’t release it then no one can really pursue legal action.

As such you’re not likely to get that kind of help here, as it would be frowned upon. That being said, I’m fairly certain those are compiled assets for the game’s engine, and that you’d likely need some sort of development tool to reverse-engineer them.