Import Maya curves into UE4

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to import Maya curves into UE4 so I can use it as a motion path for models. I know there’s this tutorial - Spline Importing | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube - on spline import but for some reason I can’t get it to work on 4.24. Does anyone know of any other way to import Maya curves into UE4?

If you switch to blender , this plugin currently exists… Blender Curves To Unreal Engine Splines Importer . could be ported to Maya if requested. I think the UE4 team is looking at the demand or it would be part of the core…


Hello, I have a very big demand for this plug-in, but my bigger demand is Maya. Another point is that I use CAD to export and then import Maya. It would be great if CAD can export directly. I don’t know if there is such an aspect. Support (MAYA or CAD), looking forward to your reply.

Hi, it was in the pipeline, but currently not being developed… There seems to be very few demand… but will surely let you know if i get to completing it. as well as 3dsMax

I see. So is license universal?

Yes you can use however you like after purchase. Except reselling. Can you reach me @ the support email i left on the purchase page so that i can reply and help you quicker.

The blender plugin page has been moved. You will now get a 404 page. Here is the updated link for the plugin.