Import map from AutoCAD

I made my map on AutoCAD 2015 and I exported as .fbx, now I want to import on UE4 but if I uncheck “Combine Meshes” it only import one piece/mesh of the map (ex. box), if I check the “Combine Meshes” it imports everything but as one piece. How can I import the whole map to UE4 in separate pieces? Should I use other program to build my map? I will have some impact performance in made the map on external program and imported as .fbx? Thanks!!

Bump, I need to continue my work :frowning:

You need to think of Unreal as a game engine. There is not easy way to import everything as per Auto desk products. Separate the file into parts to build into Unreal engine. Hope this helps. As per my work in concept with revit. Revit -> 3dsmax -> Unreal. Hope this helps.

My workflow is usually from AutoCAD to 3DS Max and then to UE4.

Do you apply materials in 3dsmax? I’m stuck at a point where I dont know how to continue.
-Cut the project into different meshes (walls, roof, doors, props, etc)
-Create UV Maps and separate materials. (I’m sure I’m missing something here) unwrap maybe?
-Export from 3dsmax to UE4 and opening the fbx. Uncheck combine meshes.
-Textures dont work properly, I cant adjust them.

But I will have some bad impact in performance by doing the map in an external program?

It depends, but probably not if you are using an Autodesk product. 3ds Max especially seems to translate extremely well to Unreal Engine these days, I can just drag and drop stuff right into the engine with no problems.

Run the GEO command and then M for Map.

If nothing happens at this point, you might need to exit and relaunch AutoCAD Map 3D to start a new session.
You might also try logging out and logging back into Autodesk 360 if need be.