Import LODs from Maya 2018.3

Hello all,

I’m trying to import modular Object that has 2 LODs into Unreal Engine 4. I’ve created the model and LODs within Maya 2018.3. I went over the documentation on how to export and import a static mesh with LODs → How To Import Static Mesh LODs | Unreal Engine Documentation.

However, it seems that the documentation is outdated, because in Maya there’s a specific LOD system now in place (see screenshot).

I’ve exported the model as an .FBX 2016 file (animation included) and I’ve checked “Import Mesh LODs” in the Unreal Engine import settings. But when I open the static mesh editor, there’s only one LOD group. I’ve also unchecked “Custom” on the LOD picker panel, but still no luck.

Can someone tell me, how I can correctly import my LODs from Maya without having to set them up manually?

Thanks for any help.


also interested

Hello, try making sure to click “Import all” not just “Import” when importing.

Sorry for the super-late response, but that indeed did the trick!