Import light emission animation from Blender


I am trying to simulate a keypad with a red light and a green light, which have been made using sphere meshes. By default I want the red light to be glowing, which I have done in Blender by setting Emit to 1. I inserted a keyframe for both lights, with red emit at 1 and green emit at 0. I then moved to a later frame on the timeline and keyframed red light emit to 0 and green light emit to 1. It works in Blender when I play the animation (the red light shuts off and the green light turns on), however when I export it as a .FBX and import to UE4, the animation doesn’t work or show up. Anyone know why this is? I am quite new to UE4 and Blender. I’ve attached a screenshot of the keypad, let me know if you need more files or info.

Thanks in advance