Import help!



need help!

Funny: I got the same error… after reloading the project the editor managed to accept the uassets.

Truth is: I have no idea whats going on with those. Just put them in the directory and fire your project new.

Just drop the usasset files into your content folder using the file explorer and it will import them automatically. I agree that it’s a bit confusing but I guess a uasset isn’t an import, it’s a migration.

Just to clarify:
Import function is for objects that are not UE4 native files. It’s for images, soundeffects, meshes and etc
If you want to add UE4 native file(Uasset) then simply copy-paste Uassets in Project folder/Content or Migrate assets from one project to another

I have the same uasset file migration problem.
after having migrated several asset files, no error message, the file directories are well created but the files are not visible in the UE editor, if I look in the Windows project directory the files are well present .

and no manually pasted file in the directory also appears regardless of the project
is there a parameter setting to apply to the editor or is it a functional anomaly of the product related to version 4.19.2 ?

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