Import Height map to UE4?

There is a website called Terrain Party, that actually allows you to select an area in the real world to export as a height map that will work in the engine.

World creator has a tutorial on using terrain party in part 3 of height maps tutorial. But this is of course using their software, but may still shed some light on terrain party.

Yup, I’v used it without any issues. Also, I have not found any other websites to get free height maps from yet, they are kind of difficult to find. Best bet is terrain party, or you’ll have to make your own. There is also the option of googling images of height maps but your options are going to be limited.

Hi all,

I’m wanting to know what sites you can use to make a Heightmap that will work for UE4?

Reason is I’m trying to make a map based on where I live and to try and make a town or city based on the map ect

I know you can make a random size map but I prefer to have it not just a box grid look.

yeah I remember using that site for cities skylines, but I was unsure if UE4 would support that site

well some reason it’s adding the land hills but it’s never adding the cevers near the beach parts of the map.

terrain party gives me a png file

Terrainparty gives me a png file