Import .geojson or shapefiles from QGIS into UE4

I am currently using the QGIS software in conjunction with Python to generate roads and road markings from open data. I would like to use UE4 to visualize this data.
As an export I have Shapefiles,. geojson files and. tiff images. How is it possible to import shapefiles or geojson files into UE4? I would like to use this as a basis (as a kind of polygon surface) to mesh the. tiff images on it.

I’m a total Newbie in UE4…

Can You please help me?

Hi, did you find any tools to support what you wish to achieve? I do not have any solutions for you but am probably in the same situation as you. Most likely I will develop my own data import plugin unless there is something available.

best regards,