Import full house or rebuilt?

Hello, first supernoob question:

I have an entire (empty) house already built, do I need to export all the walls / doors / floor as one big single fbx or is better to rebuilt it in ue4 using the modules (ie wall 400x300 etc etc)

what are the pro and cons ?


Import your fbx file. iirc those premade props are brushes and are limited anyway. Always make your geometry in a 3d modelling software.

When you import your fbx file, in ue4, just don’t tick ‘‘combine meshes’’. That way all pieces in your fbx file are going to be separated in ue4. Just select them all at once and drop them in the scene and they’ll retain their original position!

Make sure you have lightmaps set up for all the pieces of your house too

Well, modeling walls, floors and ceilings with BSPs you can change lightmaps and textures resolutions for every face. Plus, better control for light leaks, textures placement and no unwrapping needed. Doors, window, furniture, etc. using third party. I think this is a way to take into account.

Lightmaps resolution of brushes can’t reach the quality of static meshes resolution. You’ll limit yourself!

Also, how do you model complex architecture with brushes? You can’t even do basic stuff like chamfering, etc…

It sounds to manual. I tested it and the quality is ok imo.

Also, I can live without chamfers or make them in ps if it´s necessary.


You don’t have any contact shadows tho… Stuff seems to float over the floor!

Which software do you use for 3D modelling?