Import from 3dsmax animated objects flip over and are out of position when game plays.

Hi All,
I have a fairly simple scene, a truck and trailer, a boom going up. The meshes are all linked to helpers in 3dsmax in order to animate them. I have reset xform everything. All pivots are aligned to world. Everything very organized in max. Some wiring parameters to make tires turn. When imported to UE4 via DataSmith its not working right. What to do?

Depends on needs - if it’s cinematic then the way you are going is correct, if you are making a usable vehicle you should split the elements up and re-link them in engine where physics simulation takes care of the wheel and movement.

As far as the import being out of position, that seems odd. maybe provide some screenshots of what you expect vs what gets imported for someone to land you a hand.

Thanks well this is kind of a double post sorry. This may be a Datasmith issue.…om-3dsmax-2019

possibly I should refer to this post. sorry for posting both places was not sure where it would be best received. this is a real problem it seems. Wonky at best?