Import fbx to blender

I am currently working with UE4 and blender.
I want to use animation from UE4 marketplace. But when I import fbx to blender, the bones not connect correctly, like the image attached

the import setting in blender is like below


can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advanced.
I already searched online but all threads r outdated and no conclusion.
If anyone have any tutorial from blender to UE4 for skeleton and animation retargeting, welcome to let me know.
Thank you very much

Try change the axis orientation. Forward X and Z Up :slight_smile:

Thanks for replied

this is what I get after changed the axis

Thanks for replied

this is what I get after changed the axis

Can u upload the file for import? It might do something with scale as well.

yes for sure

Well the thing is, that the bones are actually positioned pretty well, but autodesk’s and blender’s “using” of bones are a little bit different. Autodesk does not have head or tail, they use just joints, and joints are heads of blender’s bones. So really the only thing you need to do is change their lengths in edit mode. However the best results I got was with experimental checked, and axes set to Y Forward and Z Up. Since .fbx is not opensource file format, blender will never have full support. All of this is just reverse engineered. Animations works while exporting but, importer is not that great.

so the left image is correct bone orientation, right?
I just need to translate the bone location in edit mode, am I right?

Thank you for your help, Ligazetom

If I checked the experimentel and change axis to Y forward, Z up
I will get result like the attachment below:

Careful, not location of bones, that is ok, only the tails so they correspond.

Is there any update regarding this since i am currently a bit scare of the workflow for animation between blender and UE4?