Import FBX properly with textures!

He guys!

I’m currently using Cinema 4D and Unreal 4 for one of my university projects. I’m using Cinema 4D to model as currently it’s the only program i can comfortably model in. I am learning Maya, though.

I created a few models, with textures. I made the textures my self, they’re not built into the program.

Basically when i export i include textures etc but when i import into Unreal the textures have disappeared and the model is white, along with textures being white. I’m no pro with unreal, i’ve only had a few weeks, loosely using it every so often to work on the game level i’m creating. It goes without saying that i can’t use the texture manager just yet in unreal! I haven’t a clue what to do in it.

I’ve Googled and Googled but there’s not a lot of information on the matter.

Thanks for your help in advanced.


Hi and welcome,

You should start here:

and here for materials:

Edit: Doc’s reffers to Max and Maya, I am not sure same route goes for C4D( not using this).

Personally I do not import materials at all, after I import geometry, I import textures, do materials as I need, and eventually, for every mesh inside Unreal assign some default materials.

I have the exact same problem, also using Cinema 4D, and unfortunaly the materials are not imported correctly to Unreal Engine 4.
Is there any solution?

As TDoro mentioned, probably the best way is to import the texture and create a material separately from the model. The UVs are stored in the model data, so when you apply your material to the model it should all be properly aligned.

also make sure that the textures are of the supported type, UE “does NOT support jpg” try using tga file types for your textures


This used to be the case with UE3/UDK, but Jpg work just fine now. I personally wouldn’t recommend them for use out of personal preference but they work. :stuck_out_tongue:

UE4 currently supports:

Typically I use either TGA or PNG.


I know there is support for texture import with the model, but I’ve never found it to save much time. I’d rather bring them in by hand, that way I’m sure it will work and I can make sure I’m putting them in the folders I want them to be in, adhering to proper naming conventions, etc.