Import fbx or glTF from blender

I’m fight with unreal and blender, to get accurate CAD animation from blender to un4.
FBX almost works. Had to add “armature” name to the right bone (root), but when I import animation to unreal, one part (only one part) has a slight rotation and I can’t get rid of it. When I try to import that same file to blender, it’s in the right place. Don’t know if the problem is in blender on unreal.
Then I was reading that “FBX has always have problems, glTF2.0 is way to go”. Great! But no… For some reason, I can’t export or import animation or skeleton to the un4. For glTF import I’m using this tool: GitHub - code4game/glTFForUE4: Import glTF 2.0 in Unreal Engine
I have tried everything, please help…