Import FBX meshes results some see-trough areas?

I exported models from WatchDogs with a Blender python script so I put those WatchDogs model files in and get a mesh in blender. So I exported this mesh into .fbx and this .fbx into Unreal. But if I take a look at my exported object (here a car), it has some see-through areas. Check those photos:



I checked if theres those bugs in the fbx already but I imported the fbx into 3ds and there weren’t those issues. Any suggestions?

You have to flip those normals so that they show into the inside of the mesh -> or enable “two sided” in your material (not the best solution ^^)

Is there an easy way to do this inside unreal?

As far as I know you cant flip them in the UE4 -> the only way is to enable two sided in the material. Otherwise do it in your 3d program :slight_smile:

Just rotate those parts?

Just select those faces - space - flip normals :slight_smile: (that’s how it works in blender)

The funny part of that is that in blender or 3ds those faces are correct…

Are you sure, because for example in blender it looks nearly the same:

aa52bb05dceeda482c06450121fed8db9b23a7a2.jpeg (at the red arrow you can see the normal pointing into the wrong direction)

I figured it out, it works thanks :smiley:

So now I have a house exported but when I want to go in the house too? I need those normals inside and outside? Is that possible too?

For a house you use a “solid” mesh -> so not a plane :slight_smile:

Thats right :smiley: Well WatchDogs does unfortunatelly…

In blender you could use a solidify modifier to make it solid

Btw, dont use assets from other games, because mostly it’s not legal :wink: -> better download some from sites like:


It’s like a project I rebuild the city in Unreal - a guy did this with Half-Life before

It’s still not legal to rip assets out of a game unless they give you permission, you can’t release anything you do with those assets (even for free) and Ubisoft can even force you to take down any stuff you post about it, though that’s unlikely.

And what If I just reveal screenshots and do not give it everyone?

Technically Ubisoft could do something about it, though it’s unlikely