Import FBX Mesh


I would to import a Mesh into my project, but when i try to import it, it import the elements not attached (see screenshot).
I saw a option "Combine Mesh’ into the FBX import panel but if i combine the meshes, i will be able to put only one texture …

I would lile to import the Mesh and put texture on the differentes Meshes but i don’t how import the mesh correctly.


I just noticed this error …

or maybe i’m wrong, but i didn’t find an issue to add some texture to the object. If I add 1 texture, it will be applied into the full mesh.

If i use “import into level” it will create a Class with all the mesh placed correctly … But i don’t think it’s the good way.

Well, i reimported the mesh from the soft of my mate(keyshot), and now i can change the materials …

Thanks you guys for all yours answers.