Import .FBX creates white or no material


I have started creating little landscapes using UE4 a few days ago and I am facing a little problem while importing some objects i got from After importing without any particular error, the mesh appears to have a white material applied to it. Any ideas how i can apply baked textures to my meshes using materialnodes? Finding a good wood texture isn’t that hard, but i got quite a bunch from there which might get difficult.

Just to give you a little better understanding of my issue, i attached a few screenshots.


white material is the default material for any imported mesh to UE4.

first of all, you have to import your texture files to your asset , then drag and drop it in you material editor

-highly recommended watching “Introduction To Materials” Provided by Epic staff, Zack did well as usual through this tutorials

Thank you, I actually did not realize that. In fact, I tried to do this at first in a different way by using landscapecoords and layerblends since i used to do it this way to paint my landscape, but it didn’t work out.