Import failure from Quixel to Maya

Everytime i want to export my mh from quixel to maya i get the following Error in the script editor.

Received data with DH Character descriptor. Initializing import!
// DHI.modules.maya.util : Received JSON data for Digital Human Asset

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “D:\Dokumente\Megascans Library\support\plugins\maya\7.1\MSLiveLink\”, line 126, in InitializeImporter


File “D:\Dokumente\Megascans Library\support\plugins\maya\7.1\MSLiveLink\DHI\”, line 31, in set_Asset_Data

self.characterConfig = CharacterConfig(self.jsonData[“character”])

File “D:\Dokumente\Megascans Library\support\plugins\maya\7.1\MSLiveLink\DHI\”, line 14, in init

self.bodyScenePath = self.prepareInput(config[“characterAssets”][“bodyPath”])

KeyError: ‘bodyPath’

I hope somebody can help me…

thanks a lot

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Hey there @Dinschal! We’d be happy to help with this. For technical support, please submit a ticket to our Support team using this form. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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I’m running into this same exact error. Was a solution found? I’m not able to import my Metahuman into Maya, a show-stopping bug.

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I have the same problem? has anyone found an answer? thanks.

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same problem