Import/Export data from the Editor

Greetings chaps,
I’m looking for a way to do import/export type operations on a fair sized subset of data within the Editor, notably the construction costs for making things. I’m not super familiar with the UE4 environment, but I’ve got plenty of coding/database experience and I’m looking to do some data crunching/analysis and create a singleplayer re-balance mod that tweaks things for the guy that just wants to play alone, or with one other buddy.

So is there a method I can use to get an export of the construction requirements data to some form of data table? Or are the blueprints stored in a location and data type that I can write a parser for? Import/export would be great, but I’ll take what I can get. Just seeing if I can avoid having to type it all out myself. :smiley:

To be honest what you’re up there isn´t even done quickly. You need to have some knowledge of the Unreal Engine to handle this. Then you know which possibility you have.