Import Error of Zero Tangents and Zero Bi-normals?

When I try to import a mesh from Blender 2.8, I select the geometry and select either Face or Edge and I even select “Import Normals and Tangents” but I still get this error, does anybody have a solution?

I have found the solution, when these two errors come up, it is a simple fix. Close the error message and double click on the mesh you just imported that got those errors, once it loads up, click on the UV tab up on the top and you will see a selection of UV Channels starting with 0 some have 1 maybe 2 and maybe even 3. I go with the highest number UV Channel because it is the better UV Channel out of the other ones. Once you have that selected, go to your details tab and scroll down to the General Settings. Expand the General Settings and go down to where it says “Light Map Coordinate Index”, type in the UV Channel you wish to use and then click Save. After that, Right-Click on the mesh and select “Asset Actions” and Select Reload and it will fix the errors.

I think it doesn’t work with UDIM’s. I followed step by step but when i select my uv’s it gives me just the firs of all my UDIM’s and the others are in color red.