Import error building UE4 source

I am building UE4 version 4.5 from source. I have cloned the repository, switched to the 4.5 branch, merged the required two zips.

I am using VS2013 ultimate on Windows 7 to build the source, DirectX 2010 runtime is installed.

Unfortunately during building the following error pops up:

2> G:\UnrealEngine\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Misc\Database.cpp(324): error C4772: #import referenced a type from a missing type library; '__missing_type__' used as a placeholder

Then about a hundred lines follow with errors that undoubtedly spring from this problem.
I have gone ahead and taken a look at the offending line in Database.cpp:

#import "System\ADO\msado15.dll" rename("EOF", "ADOEOF") //lint !e322

above this line is the following comment:

// Using import allows making use of smart pointers easily. Please post to the list if a workaround such as // using %COMMONFILES% works to hide the localization issues and non default program file folders. //#import "C:\Program files\Common Files\System\Ado\msado15.dll" rename("EOF", "ADOEOF")

To try and resolve the program here are the steps that I have taken:

  1. I have gone to *C:\Program files\Common Files\System\Ado* to ensure that msado15.dll is present in the folder.
  2. I have added *C:\Program files\Common Files* to my PATH so the importer can find it.
  3. After step 2 still caused errors in the building process, I have replaced the offending line with the full path from the comment. This however did not work either.

I am not sure what to try next, I hope anyone can shed some light on this problem.

EDIT: Added a full log of the build process until I cancel it after the error: Build Log

Hey Nimthora-

Try using this link: to download the zip files for the source code and required files. After unzipping them to the folder you want to save them in, make sure to run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file then open the UE4.sln and build the engine. When that finishes you should be able to run the engine from Engine->Binaries->Win64.


Hi, thank you for responding so soon. I have downloaded the files you linked, and followed the instructions. Unfortunately, the same error pops up upon building the source.

Do you get the same error if you try to build any other version of the engine? There were a number of fixes that went into 4.5.1 so you may want to try that version as well.

I couldn’t find any hint to a fix in this area on the 4.5.1 release notes, so I went full out and installed the 4.6 preview.
However the build still gives the same error message. I should also note at this point that for both version 4.5 and 4.6 after the initial error in my top-level question another error occurs on fully building the source, namely:

1>G:\UnrealEngine-4.6.0-preview\Engine\Plugins\Developer\VisualStudioSourceCodeAccess\Source\VisualStudioSourceCodeAccess\Private\VisualStudioSourceCodeAccessor.cpp(32): fatal error C1084: Cannot type library file: '80cc9f66-e7d8-4ddd-85b6-d9e6cd0e93e2': Error loading type library/DLL.

I have attached the full build notes. Build Log 2.6

Hey Nimthora-

I would try updating to the latest DirectX if you haven’t already. Also, could you provide a copy of your DXDiag? We have not had any reports of other users having this problem and it would help identify what is unique about your system that may be causing the problem.

I am running windows 7 with directX 11, which seems to be the latest version. Here is my dxdiag: DxDiag

Still having this problem. :frowning:

Which configuration are you trying to build the engine in, Development Editor, Debug Editor, something else? Your second error would seem to indicate your Visual Studio installation is broken, do you or did you have any previous versions of VS installed? In any case, what I’d do is completely uninstall VS 2013, make sure I’ve got the latest Win7 service pack installed, install VS 2013 again, and finally install VS 2013 Update 4.

I am building the Development Editor. So, I uninstalled VS 2013 ultimate and all the old development libraries for it. Downloaded VS 2013 express. After install I got some errors relating to me not having a certain windows patch KB2664825 for Microsoft SQL server. Unfortunately, I was unable to install that patch.

Anyways, figured I’d have a go at building regardless. Turns out it actually succeeded, and I am now running the UE4.6 editor successfully as far as I’ve seen. I hope I won’t get a nasty surprise along the line. Will try to compile a dedicated server tomorrow with this.

Thank you for your help.