Import entire scene from CryEngine

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I am not sure whether this is correct section for that but looks like it suits my needs. Appolgize if I am wrong. :slight_smile:

In general, we are working on project by using CryEngine and we are thinking about changing the engine. The problem is that our map is almost finished and we don’t want to start the work from the begining.
My question is: is there any tool or any other way allowing to convert CE scene into umap file?

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Most likely you can import whatever assets you created, UE4 can import FBX and OBJ, but other stuff created within Cryengine would need something specific to convert it over. For example, there’s a tool to convert BSP geometry from UDK to UE4. I doubt that there’s something like that available for Cryengine though.

Unless someone has authored such a plugin - and I’m sure neither Epic or Crytek has, then I think the safe answer is no.

I think the safe answer is no regardless.

If you do switch engines, remember that UE4 reads normal maps differently from Cryengine. You’ll need to invert the green channel on the normal maps of all your assets. If you don’t, they will look very strange.

I don’t know of a way to port your map over, though. Sorry!

Another small tip

When you have specular textures, disable their default SRGB value (tickable image option), then when you assign specular textures in materials, pick linearcolor, for specular textures.

Thank you very much for help. Seems there is a lot to do :slight_smile:


Your Map is not one object, it´s hundreds of Objects (i guess) which are placed with own Transforms (Rotation, Location, Scale). There´s 99.99999% no way to get everything out of the engine. Maybe you can get the Landscape with the material applied out, and inport your assets directly to the engine. But you definitly have to place all your assets by your own in the world again (unless you have an algorithmus).

What type of map/environment did you design in CE? If it’s an interior only then you can import the raw assets in UE like in CE. You will have to be aware of issues with model normals like mentioned in a post above. If your map includes an exterior with terrain you may be able to export the terrain from CE as a height map which can then be imported into UE. If your terrain in CE was created with an external app like World Machine then you can import that original asset from WM into UE. Unfortunately, there’s no option to directly convert your project file from the Cry Editor format to UE but the vast majority of your assets should import then you build from there like in CryEngine. Best of luck in your conversion and you are making a great choice!


it is possible. What you will need to do is export your entire scene from cryengine as a single fbx. You will then need to open the fbx in 3d studio max and reapply light maps (if for static lighting/baked lighting). After that you export the objects out of 3ds max and using ts-tools ( you first save as max file, export the objects out and export to clipboard the whole scene out and paste into Ue 4.6. Then you can open in Ue 4.10 and viola. I know that there are problems when you have too many actors, however a simple hack of the maxscript can output the export to a t3d (renamed text file) rather than clipboard which has a limited amount of characters it can contain and voila… import the t3d file into ue4.6. Textures will import from the FBX files however will need reworking / unless somebody writes a script that automates that… Good luck!