Import DDS Cubemap crashes editor

Hey Guys,

I’m working on importing a cubemap for a custom Sky Sphere but am encountering the above problem.

I have followed all of the Unreal documentation HERE and converted using the Nvidia tools but nothing seems to work. Is this a know issue with a known solution?

Cubemap D/L: Dropbox - Error

Note: I have seen a forum posting suggesting a conversion to TGA however Photoshop/Compressonator won’t let me, and when I made one manually the editor crashed after giving me a “Texture file is too large” error (the cubemap is made of 6 2k maps).

Howdy TheFear,

Thank you for your bug report. I have looked into your issue and have found what could be causing your problem. I was able to download the file and attempt to import it into the editor. It would freeze the editor to where I would have to open the Task Manager. The issue that I am seeing is that the size of the DDS file is too large to for the Editor. The editor is supporting around 85 MB and the file you are using is 96 MB. I believe that lowering the resolution of your Sky-Sphere will solve the issue. Also, your DDS file is showing at 12k length and, at the current moment, 8k maximum would be the length that you would want to use. Here is the link to where I found most of this information (Under the Compressed Texture Memory requirements) :

If the issue is still occurring after adjusting, please feel free to open this report again.

Thanks and have a great day!