Import Daz Studio's animated camera to Unreal

The tittle does not do justice to my question so allow me elaborate.

Here’s what I want to do:

  1. Import an animated scene from Daz3D: props, models, animations as well as an animated camera as well as frame rate.

  2. Make them all either pitch black.

  3. Add particle effects.

  4. Render the animation as image sequence where particles play out and are properly obscured by the props if they get behind something.

  5. Use outside software to layer the particle render frames with my animation frames.

I once tried it long ago but faced difficulties. Namely:

  1. FBX Camera not importing properly.

  2. Couldn’t figure out how to make imported things pitch black.

If anyone could provide me with a step-by-step tutorial or point me towards someone who could teach me how to do this (willing to pay if needed) then I’d greatly appreciate it.