Import Datasmith from Sketchup -> Without any Collision

when i make a import with **Datashmith from a (Great) Scene from Sketchup there are after import no Collision in the Mesh **in UE4!

Then i can take a Mesh from the imported Scene and take “Edit IDxxxx” under Collision to “Use Complex Collision as Simple”.

But how can i change ALL Imported Meshes AT ONCE to have a Collision? I mean there are more then 1’000 Meshes into this and when i have to change every mesh a have hours of Work. There must be a easyer Way to do this, i hope!

I hope someone know the Solution for this!

Kind regards, halobungie

Select all your meshes at once, right click on one and go to Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix. In this menu, on the right hand side, open StaticMesh > Body Setup and Collision Complexity will be an option available there.

Thanks for your help, but in my UE4 4.21.2 i can’t see the “Asset Actions”!?

Now i have found it -> MANY THANKS!!!

Could you please upload a pic about where is the “Asset Actions”? I still can’t find it. Thanks.