import cpp class

Hey, I am trying to create a new project using my existing cpp files.
I have succeed to create and copy and source file to the project, but in the “C++ Classes” folder I cannot see my cpp files although they are in Source file.
I have tried to GenerateProjectFiles, didnt work.
BTW I am using linux.
How can I import the cpp file into UE?

Dont copy and paste stufff straight into to your project folders, use import from visual studio instead.

As i have said, i am using linux. I do not have visual studio

After edit it did say that, it dosent matter you can still import from whatever ide you are using.

I do not think that you understood.
I am not talking at all about the ide. I meant that i can not see the files in UE.
You can on UE click “C++ Classes” then you will see on UE all of the c++ files. I cannot see them there although it is.
This is matter because I can not create a new class which inherits from my old classes. again cause UE cannot see them.

Well have you compiled the source? Generating project files will only re-scan your folder for new files not build them.

Tried to run “make” & it succeed. From the engine the compile fails but i can not see any errors on the log. it is just saying:

Running Mono…